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Query Trader Info


// the following is the workaround unless we expose Exchange._getFundingGrowthGlobalAndTwaps()
const lastTraderWhoEmitFundingUpdated
const fundingGrowthGlobal.fundingGrowthGlobal = AccountBalance.getAccountinfo(lastTraderWhoEmitFundingUpdatedFromThatMarket, baseToken).lastTwPremiumGrowthGlobalX96

// now we're fetching the info from the trader we want to calculate the pnl
const traderLastTwPremiumGrowthGlobalX96 = AccountBalance.getAccountinfo(trader, baseToken).lastTwPremiumGrowthGlobalX96
const tradersTakerPosSize = AccountBalance.getTakerPositionSize(trader, baseToken)

// repeat the math of Funding.calcPendingFundingPaymentWithLiquidityCoefficient
const takerPendingFundingPaymentByMarket = tradersTakerPosSize * ((fundingGrowthGlobal.twPremiumX96 - traderLastTwPremiumGrowthGlobalX96) / 2^96 ) / 15mins
const makerFundingPayment = Exchange.getPendingFundingPayment(trader, baseToken) - takerPendingFundingPaymentByMarket
  • Exchange.getPendingFundingPayment(trader, baseToken) is negative if receiving funding payment

Taker or Maker's UnrealizedPnl by Market

const takerPositionSize = AccountBalance.getTakerPositionSize(trader, baseToken)
const makerImpermanentPositionSize = AccountBalance.getTotalPositionSize(trader, baseToken) - takerPositionSize

const takerOpenNotional = AccountBalance.getTakerOpenNotional(trader, baseToken)
const makerOpenNotional = AccountBalance.getTotalOpenNotional(trader, baseToken) - takerOpenNotional

const takerUnrealizedPnl = takerPositionSize * indexPrice + takerOpenNotional
const makerUnrealizedPnl = makerImpermanentPositionSize * indexPrice + makerOpenNotional

Realized PnL

  1. by event
    1. observe PnlRealized event from AccountBalance (less preferred, harder to get market)
      • it will be emitted anytime when addLiquidity, removeLiquidity, openPosition, closePosition, liquidate, cancelExcessOrder and settleAllFunding. It could emit multiple event in 1 action
      • ex. when liquidating a position, it can
        • emit PnlRealized first for the funding
        • emit another one for IF (taking 10% fee as IF’s profit)
        • realized the position pnl
        • emit PnlRealized for trader’s liquidation fee (loss)
        • also emit enother one for the liquidator (profit)
    2. PositionChanged + FundingPaymentSettled + PositionLiquidated + RealizedMakerFee
      1. PositionChanged.realizedPnl + FundingPaymentSettled.fundingPayment + PositionLiquidated.liquidationFee
  2. by contract
    1. every time a contract call (ex. openPosition ), store owedRealizedPnl before and after the openPosition by calling AccountBalance.getPnlAndPendingFee

Margin Ratio

There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Use our npm package @perp/sdk-curie and call Positions' getAccountMarginRatio function. Check code snippet.

  2. Get data from contracts and calculate them. The formula will be the same as in our @perp/sdk-curie.

const accountValue = await Vault.getAccountValue(trader)
const totalAbsPositionValue = await AccountBalance.getTotalAbsPositionValue(trader)
const marginRatio = accountValue / totalAbsPositionValue